Dotdigital is a modern eCommerce marketing automation platform. It seamlessly integrates with your commerce platform and is designed to optimise customer engagement through targeted campaigns, analytics, and personalised experiences, enhancing conversion rates and driving sales growth efficiently.


Check how Dotdigital can support your data driven marketing engagements and help you build personalised experiences that convert better.

    Why choose Dotdigital?

    Made for eCommerce

    Dotdigital stands out for its seamless integration of marketing automation tailored for eCommerce. It's designed to simplify and automate marketing tasks, enabling merchants to effectively engage customers across multiple channels, enhance their shopping experience, and drive conversions with less effort.

    Ease of Use

    Dotdigital is renowned for its ease of use, enabling merchants to effortlessly manage their marketing programs and gain valuable attribution insights. Its intuitive platform simplifies the execution of complex marketing campaigns, ensuring that even those with minimal technical expertise can achieve significant results and understand the impact of their marketing efforts with clear, actionable insights.


    Dotdigital's API connectivity excels in real-time integration, providing seamless data synchronisation across channels. Its robust APIs and extensive web-hooks facilitate unlimited custom integrations, enabling personalised and timely communication via email, SMS, and social platforms. The developer-friendly tools make it very easy to connect more touch points to your automation platform to improve your customer's journey.

    Dotdigital improved our sales through targeted campaigns, making a real difference in our business.

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