Buckaroo's Tailored Solutions can support your business with flexible online payments, in-store solutions, automated subscriptions, and simplified credit management.

Capabilities of Buckaroo

    Why choose Buckaroo?

    Over 40 Payment Methods

    Buckaroo offers a diverse range of over 40 payment methods, accommodating global customer preferences and enhancing online shopping experiences. This extensive selection ensures businesses can cater to various markets, facilitating smooth and secure transactions. From local payment options to international e-wallets, Buckaroo's solutions are designed to boost conversion rates by offering customers their preferred payment methods, making it an ideal choice for any eCommerce platform aiming for global reach.

    Plug and Play Shop Plugins

    Buckaroo's "Standard Shop Plugins for Webshops" simplifies payment integration across popular platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. These plugins enable swift, secure payment setup, ensuring a seamless checkout experience. With Buckaroo, businesses can easily offer a wide range of payment options, enhancing user satisfaction and conversion rates. Ideal for eCommerce sites looking to streamline payments without extensive customisation.

    Split Payments

    Buckaroo's solution for marketplaces and platforms facilitates efficient split payments, enabling operators to distribute funds accurately between multiple sellers. This capability supports seamless transactions, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and enhancing user trust. By automating payment division, Buckaroo simplifies financial management for marketplaces, making it ideal for platforms looking to offer a transparent, reliable shopping experience.

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