Master eCommerce with Product Feed Marketing. Efficiently distribute and fine-tune product data and exchange order information on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Zalando to maximise conversions.

Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Zalando offer growth opportunities, but also present challenges. Each marketplace has unique rules and regulations, making the integration and management of product data time-consuming. Additionally, overseeing orders, inventory and customer service adds extra complexity.

Our Marketplace Integration Service simplifies the sales process. With advanced integration software and mapping templates, we swiftly and accurately synchronise product data across multiple marketplaces.

Automating the sales process reduces manual tasks, enabling easy inventory management, order processing and consistent customer service. This allows businesses to focus on sustainable, cross-border growth.

"Youwe helped us to put our data integrations with marketplaces on auto pilot, including handling returns and promotions."

How we can help?
  • Real-time multi-channel product synchronisation to all known marketplaces

  • Unified stock control (updating of inventory status and restocking)

  • Manage promotions per marketplace

  • Product merchandising

  • Automated order management (and ERP integration)

  • Return management

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Our Marketplace Services

Product Synchronisation

With our accurate, well-structured product information on all marketplaces, you save time and complexity. Our system tracks inventory levels in real-time across all marketplaces, preventing overselling and maintaining optimal stock levels.

Order Fulfilment

We streamline the handling and fulfilment of orders across your different marketplaces and your internal back-office systems. We take into account various shipping requirements and return policies, so your preferred methods align with the selected marketplaces.

Dynamic Pricing

Enhance your competitive position on every platform with a dynamic pricing strategy, without compromising profitability. We provide insights into competitive pricing, enabling you to price your products optimally and increase both sales and margins.

We get you on any marketplace

Catch your growth in any region. We connect you with any marketplace and assure you comply with each marketplace's unique rules and regulations

By distributing our products over marketplaces like Bol and Amazon, we reach our end-users


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