Marketing Automation

Get more out of your sales and marketing with our advanced Marketing Automation Services. We aim to make your team more effective, resulting in a significant increase in the ROI of your marketing and sales activities. With in-depth insights into your marketing and sales attribution and intelligent decision-making, we elevate your marketing and sales to new heights.

Navigate complex sales cycles and boost growth in eCommerce with Marketing Automation. Our service enhances sales conversion and engagement via hyper-personalised communication. Using intelligent data, we automate messages and activate sales to respond accurately and timely.

Our proven approach optimises your marketing and sales processes. We support you in every phase of your marketing and sales journey and provide teams with the right tools and programs.

From lead generation to account-based marketing, Youwe's experts know your market and help you maximise the benefits of Marketing Automation.

"Marketing Automation is the tool that really helps us to tell our story consistently and authentically, nurturing long-term customer loyalty, at scale."

How we can help?

  • Marketing automation platform selection

  • Audit of an existing marketing automation platform

  • Marketing automation implementation & onboarding

  • CRM & data integrations

  • Lead generation programs

  • Engineering marketing automation campaigns

  • Content personalisation

  • End-To-End marketing performance tracking

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Our Solutions

Lead Generation

Achieve full visibility into marketing ROI by synchronising your CRM, ERP, and Customer Data Platform. Optimise activities, messages and timing for targeted lead generation. With our support, your teams are always prepared for the most effective next step in customer interaction.

Advanced Personalisation

Maximise your impact with personalised customer journeys. Effective messaging starts with addressing real customer problems. We help you leverage customer data to provide a tailored and scalable personalised experience. Whether it's on websites, emails or advertisements, we ensure valuable messaging.

360° Customer View

Our lead generation service goes beyond just collecting and storing lead information in your CRM. We assist with effective campaigns, behaviour tracking and automated follow-ups. We also build audiences and deliver the right message at the right time through various channels.

eCommerce Automation

Create a personalised journey for your customers from welcoming new subscribers, celebrating special dates and sharing product tips, to sending shopping cart reminders and purchase confirmations. With strategies against customer churn and smart retargeting, we keep your customer base engaged, contributing to the success of your eCommerce.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Promote seamless collaboration between marketing and sales throughout the entire customer lifecycle and avoid a 'silo' approach with conflicting messages across different channels. With Marketing Automation, we track customer activities for optimal messaging and timely follow-up. Improve commercial development with our lead lifecycle management.

Center of Excellence

Our approach is designed to assist international marketing teams in efficiently and consistently setting up local marketing campaigns. We simplify and streamline the reuse of best-practice (global) campaigns by working with customisable blueprint methods. This significantly improves the time to market and saves valuable time.

Technology partners

Everything we do is focused on delivering exceptional results for our clients. We base results on proven foundations by using the best technologies available in the market today.

"Now we have all of our eCommerce communications in one central place we are able to really improve our customers experience."


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