Digital Experience Platforms

DXPs are essential for modern businesses. They provide seamless, personalised experiences across various touchpoints, including content management, analytics and marketing automation. Create a holistic and dynamic digital journey for your customers with DXPs and stay ahead in the digital world.

Providing personalised cross-channel customer experiences is challenging for businesses, especially due to the need for reliable data to base decisions on. This process can become complex and time-consuming due to non-integrated systems and isolated data storage.

DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) create seamless customer experiences by integrating various technologies such as content management, marketing automation, eCommerce and CRM into one platform.

With a DXP, you can manage and personalise customer experiences across all touch points and gain valuable insights for data-driven decisions resulting in improved customer satisfaction and business performance.

"Transforming to a DXP solution we are now capable of offering our customers the right experience and interaction at every stage of their journey."

How we can help?

  • Headless & composable architectures according to MACH principles

  • Platform selection based on requirement inventory

  • Supporting & maintaining your existing DXP platform

  • Experience & customer journey design

  • Design systems and scalable experience frameworks

  • Content personalisation

  • Cross touch point publishing

  • Automated translations and image processing

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Our Solutions

Websites for Businesses

Build cross-border brand experiences with our DXP solution, supporting multiple languages and sites from one centralised system. Streamline your publication workflows, manage assets effectively, drive leads and demand generation. Create a global footprint while being consistent across all touch points.

Headless Content Platform

Adopt composable, headless architectures with our DXP solution. We provide organised content repositories and deliver content via APIs or GraphQL interfaces. Pair any front-end framework with our system to build consistent user experiences, populated with content from a centralised DXP/CMS.

Account & Self-Service Portals

Empower customers with your DXP. Seamlessly integrate all platforms, offering customers self-service capabilities for account management and communication with back-office systems. Create robust knowledge bases, use gated content for self-help and build product configurators for an enhanced user experience.

Partner Portals

Optimise your partner ecosystem and sales/marketing process with our partner portals. We streamline reseller processes, manage marketing campaigns, co-branding, partner data, deal registrations and provide performance insights. Integrations with ERP, CRM and sales channels offer the necessary insights for well-informed decisions.

Cross-Channel Content Publishing

Manage and distribute content seamlessly across multiple channels with our DXP solution. From websites and apps to in-store and in-car communications, have a clear overview and prevent content silos. Set up content once and distribute everywhere, maintaining consistency across all platforms.

Headless DXP experience for a personalised journey to find the perfect bed


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