AI-powered expert systems

Get answers about your products and services faster and more accurately. We introduce AI-driven expert systems that are trained on your products and services data. Simplify complex information for end-users, facilitating better understanding and quicker decision-making, leading to improved performance at lower costs.

Many industries struggle with answering questions about products and services both internally and externally. The increased complexity of modern-day product offerings and regulations is leading to more advanced questions. Dealing with this growing workload can be challenging for many businesses, especially in markets where qualified staff is difficult to find and as baby boomers retire. Our expert systems can help you unlock your company's knowledge for your stakeholders in a safe and efficient manner.

Our expert systems can help you unlock your company's knowledge for your stakeholders in a safe and efficient manner. We train AI models using all of your company’s (and suppliers’) documentation, creating virtual assistants that are well-versed in your business-specific information. Through advanced data labeling and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, we efficiently store your unstructured data, enabling AI models to quickly find the right answers. Recognizing the importance of specificity and accuracy in customer interactions, we train our models to deliver precise responses at the required level of detail.

Our trained models can be utilized in virtual assistants, integrated into your company's applications, or tailored into custom apps for specific purposes, such as a tool for engineers to use when visiting customers. Discover how we can help you unlock your corporate knowledge for both your organization and your clients.

Using an AI-driven Expert System to support our 1st line engineers in answering complex questions massively reduced the workload of our senior experts.

How we can help?

  • Onboarding your (unstructured) data and make it ready for AI

  • Customer Support Automation: Instantly answer customer inquiries to reduce support workload.

  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting: Guide customers and technicians through technical issues.

  • Field Service Support: Give technicians real-time access to repair procedures and diagnostics.

  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance: Offer up-to-date guidance on compliance requirements.

  • Sales Support: Equip sales teams crafting quotes and detailed product recommendations based on customer specifics

  • Knowledge Management: Consolidate and manage corporate knowledge for strategic decision-making.

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Our area's of expertise

Data Collection and Labeling

Is your organization overwhelmed with unstructured data and unsure how to leverage it effectively? We specialize in collecting and labeling your company’s data, transforming it into valuable knowledge for training our expert systems (AI models). Our process ensures that the AI can make the best use of your data, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. Let us help you unlock the potential hidden within your data to drive informed business strategies.

Integrated Large Language Models

Want to implement cutting-edge AI solutions without relying on Bigtech services? Our locally hosted LLM solutions, based on open-source technology, provide the security and control you need. We offer robust and scalable LLM technology tailored to your organization's needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Empower your business with advanced AI capabilities while retaining full ownership of your data.

AI powered custom Apps

Do you need customised solutions to streamline your business processes based on large language models? We create bespoke applications that work with LLMs to automatically perform tasks and processes specific to your organisation. Our expertise in creating intuitive and efficient apps allows you to automate routine tasks, increase productivity and focus on strategic initiatives. Let us create the tools that change the way you work and drive your business forward.

Youwe showcased an impressive uplift in our Google positions by completing our catalog data with AI

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