Marketo Dynamics CRM integration

How does the Marketo Dynamics integration works?

Integrate Marketo with Dynamics CRM

Marketo has a native integration with Dynamics CRM. Enabling you to have a realtime 2-way sync between your own Dynamics CRM application and Marketo. Since your sales force is used working with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application it is important to make the customer insights information from Marketo available within Dynamics CRM. The 2-way sync will enable you to keep your CRM application fully in sync with Marketo. This way you can fully automate the creation of leads in Dynamics CRM directly from your Marketo marketing initiatives. The integration will give you great value bringing sales insights information directly at the place where you need it.

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Dynamics CRM and Marketo Intergration

The Marketo integration with Dynamics CRM (MS Dynamics 365) is very easy to setup. Marketo will take your Dynamics CRM instance as leading data structure and replicate the fields automatically to Marketo. The following data types are being synced as standard:

  • Accounts
  • Opportunities & roles
  • Customer objects (your own data types)
  • Contacts
  • Tasks & events
  • Leads
  • Campaigns & members
  • User & lead queue


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