Revolutionising Pricing Strategies: The AI Advantage

Did you know that as little as a 1% increase in price, has the potential to generate a substantial 5-8% boost in operational margin?


Join us for an exclusive excellence dinner where industry leaders, visionaries, and pricing experts converge to share invaluable insights on how to harness the untapped potential of Pricing Power as a strategic advantage. Prepare to be empowered with the knowledge and tools to drive profitability, enhance customer value, and elevate your business above the competition.


We will delve into how price optimisation is 3X more effective than cost optimisation in terms of maximising your margin. By redirecting your focus towards implementing powerful price optimisation strategies, you open up a world of untapped potential for significantly enhancing your profitability and overall financial performance.

  • Discover the potential benefits of integrating machine learning and AI into your pricing process.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how pricing can be leveraged to transform your business dynamics.
  • Learn how strategic pricing decisions can drive revenue growth, enhance customer perception, and maximise profitability.
  • Engage with our distinguished pricing strategists who have achieved remarkable success in their respective industries.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals, industry pioneers, and thought leaders.
  • Learn how to seamlessly incorporate digital solutions into your pricing framework to enhance agility, streamline operations, and leverage data-driven insights for better decision-making.
  • Q&A Sessions: Get answers to your burning pricing questions during interactive roundtable sessions.
  • Participate in stimulating discussions on emerging pricing trends, market dynamics, and the future of pricing strategies.


Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of an event dedicated to unlocking the potential of Pricing Power as a strategic weapon. Join us to gain the knowledge, inspiration, and actionable strategies needed to propel your business to new heights.


Limited seats available! Register now to secure your spot at the SYMSON & Youwe Pricing Power Activation Excellence Dinner. Together, let's transform the way you price, compete, and succeed in the market!


Henk Mensinga

Director of Product Implementation Youwe

Henk is Director of Product Implementation at Youwe and with his years of experience he helps customers with their digital transformations. He has helped many companies with the transition from offline to online and knows exactly which tools can help a company to grow.

Vincent Gelink

Commercial Director  SYMSON

Vincent Gelink is the CEO of Award Winning Pricing Platform SYMSON. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has a keen interest in helping CEOs, Directors and Managers digitally accelerate their business with AI for price optimisation and demand forecasting. 

Roy Vree Egberts

Customer Success Manager SYMSON

Roy Vree Egberts is the Customer Success Manager for the AI-Based Intelligent Pricing Platform, SYMSON. Roy is passionate about building strong relationships and customer experiences. Currently, Roy helps customers explore and experience the potential impact of price optimisation through pricing software


05:30 PM05:50 PM

Arrival at Venue & Greeted with Welcome Drinks

05:50 PM06:10 PM

Topic 1 – Leveraging AI for Dynamic Pricing: Unveiling the transformational role of AI in Pricing Strategies, industry trends, and best practices for maximising earnings.

06:10 PM06:45 PM

Starters Served (Round Table Discussions)

06:50 PM07:10 PM

Topic 2 - Building an Agile Digital Architecture for Pricing: Unveiling the crucial role of a flexible and scalable infrastructure.

07:10 PM07:40 PM

Mains Served (Round Table Discussions)

07:40 PM08:00 PM

Topic 3 - Becoming a Hyper learning Organisation: Unleashing the Power of continuous learning to drive innovation, adaptability, and success in pricing, along with 7 Practical Tips to enhance your pricing process.

08:00 PM08:30 PM

Desserts Served (Round Table Discussions)

08:30 PM09:00 PM


09:00 PM10:00 PM

Networking / After Dinner Coffee

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