Successful Marketing Automation: What does good look like?

Growing companies can hold themselves back when they grow beyond the tools that they use. That’s when it’s time to evaluate a new platform. 


With over 7,000 marketing automation platforms available to merchants how do you know that your automation platform is right for you? Choosing a platform that can grow and adapt to your ever-changing needs and keeping customer experience at the forefront - is crucial! 

PLEASE NOTE: The amount of participants will be limited for this event. Click the registration button on the top right of this page to express your interest and successful applicants will then be contacted individually. 

Marketers have been experimenting with various platforms to automate their sales and marketing processes but now we see most users are struggling with poor integrations, leading to limited lead scoring and a lack of insights. There’s usually a desire to do more with reporting, ABM and Web Personalisation but with functionality limitations, a lack of resource and expertise - it frequently hampers this. 

When determining if your automation platform is the right tool for your needs, it is important to carefully consider some key factors to ensure you’re getting the most out of your chosen solution and driving ROI. Understanding the purpose, strengths and limitations of your marketing automation platform is key to driving killer results!

Having the right ‘tool’ enables you to have the flexibility to easily implement marketing strategies in real time across different channels but most importantly; you’ll have the database of all your potential and existing customers at your fingertips, their behaviours across channels, the ability to create your own segments, and robust analytics.

At this exclusive event, a panel of experts will discuss: 

  • Flexibility: Is your current solution is limiting your growth and unable to scale in line with your growth ambitions
  • Lead management: What does good look like? How to stop doing the manual work that can be automated and aligned easily
  • Reporting: How key performance insights help you make smarter commercial decisions 
  • Long term strategy: Create a strategy that plans for long term success 


Andrew Baggs

Digital Strategist at Youwe

Andrew has a decade of experience working with organisations and helping them get the most out of their digital platforms. His client experience ranges from enterprise-level global brands to emerging e-commerce start-ups. As a Digital Strategist at Youwe Andrew helps clients to define the vision for their digital strategy and then put in place actionable roadmaps so they can achieve it.

Conor Tiernan

Account Executive at Adobe

Conor brings 5 years’ experience working on clients digital marketing projects. He is passionate about helping customers understand the impact technology can have on their business. Using tools such as Marketo he has shown several businesses how to leverage detailed lead scoring and automated customer journey plans to achieve exponential growth.


05:30 PM05:50 PM

Arrival at Venue (1 Lombard Street, EC3V 9AA) & Greeted with Welcome Drinks

05:50 PM06:10 PM

Topic 1: 3 Reasons to adopt a scalable Marketing Automation platform

06:10 PM06:45 PM

Starters Served (Round Table Discussions)

06:50 PM07:10 PM

Topic 2: Lead Management - What does good look like? How to stop doing the manual work that can be automated and aligned easily

07:10 PM07:40 PM

Mains Served (Round Table Discussions)

07:40 PM08:00 PM

Topic 3: Reporting & Attribution: How key performance insights help you make smarter commercial decisions

08:00 PM08:30 PM

Desserts Served (Round Table Discussions)

08:30 PM09:00 PM


09:00 PM10:00 PM


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