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Youwe is the Pimcore partner in the UK

PIM software helps organizations to manage and publish product information more efficiently. Managing product information is costly, often receives insufficient attention and is often decisive in customer experience and conversion of your channels. Pimcore is an open-source PIM package. This software helps streamline product information throughout the organization. This makes the management cheaper and the quality of the information better, which increases the conversion of the channels. Youwe is named the Pimcore partner of the year 2020.

Youwe exclusive Pimcore partner

With more than a few decades of experience, more than 220+ employees and 10 offices, we are one of the leading B2B e-commerce suppliers in the Netherlands. Youwe has been developing webshops since 2000 and has been active with Pimcore since the beginning of 2010. As a "selected partner," we have close contacts with the core development team of Pimcore. This makes us the Pimcore specialist. 

We have a large team of certified e-commerce engineers who have a great deal of experience with chain integration and PIM issues. Youwe is also a Magento Enterprise Partner and also a focused partner of Magento because of our expertise in B2B e-commerce.

Pimcore advantages
Data driven personalisatie
Interactieve productdata
No double management

Whitepaper: Waarom Pimcore?

  • Wat is Pimcore?
  • Waarom kan dit systeem mij helpen?
  • Waarin verschilt Pimcore van andere systemen?
  • Hoe werkt Pimcore vanuit technisch oogpunt?
  • Wat zijn de grootste kenmerken en voordelen van Pimcore?
  • Waar moet ik op letten bij het kiezen van een PIM-systeem?

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Our happy customers

With 220+ colleagues, we make (international) organizations more effective and relevant for the future, helped by the power of open source.

The Pimcore system

Lots of product images and sales information is divided, the catalog is here, the data sheets are there again. That could be more convenient. Wouldn't it be great if you could bundle all those information channels in one system? A good product information management system is like the brain of an octopus that controls all tentacles. A PIM system centralizes your product information in one place. That way you will never have any incorrect product information again.

The benefits listed:

  • Information where, how and when you want
  • One source for up-to-date, accurate information that feeds everything and everyone
  • With a Master Data Management environment, you have the central truth when it comes to product information

Meer weten over Pimcore? Download de whitepaper Waarom Pimcore?

Pimcore in het kort

  • Heeft een verbind alles architectuur
  • Productclassificatie op basis van marktstandaarden (ETIM, 2BA, GS1, enz.)
  • Interfaces ERP-pakketten
  • Centraal beheer van keten informatie
  • Real-time synchronisatie van productgegevens
  • Eén centraal beeld- en documentbeheer
  • Web to Print module

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