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Optimal management of product information with Pimcore


Due to automation, more and more systems have entered organizations in recent years. And all these systems contain valuable information, but how can all that information be managed? Multichannel, cross-channel and omnichannel strategies are becoming more common, but correct data is crucial for this.

 A PIM system "regulates" all information between the different systems (ERP, accounting, POS, webshops, etc.) with important advantages: quality and consistency of data. By running all information through a PIM system you create an improved quality of information, consistent communication to the customer and a clear image through sales channels.

Why Pimcore

Managing product information is costly, often receives insufficient attention and is often decisive in customer experience and conversion of your channels. Pimcore is an open source PIM package. This software helps streamline product information throughout the organization. This makes the management cheaper and the quality of the information better, which increases the conversion of the channels.

The benefits listed

  • Information where, how and when you want
  • One source for up-to-date, accurate information that feeds everything and everyone
  • With a Master Data Management environment you have the central truth when it comes to product information

Product images, sales information, the catalog, data sheets, ...

Wouldn't it be great if you could bundle all your information channels in one system? A good product information management system is like the brain of an octopus that controls all tentacles. A PIM system centralizes your product information in one place. That way you will never have any incorrect product information again.

    The benefits of a PIM
    Fast time-to-market
    Increased engagement
    More effective sales
    No double management

    Pimcore advantages

    • No double management
      Always up-to-date thanks to a smart integration with which you process all product data in one source. Double management is now a thing of the past.
    • More effective sales
      Use specific customized offers and prices, based on reports about the behavior of your visitors.
    • Fast time-to-market
      Integrate any type of content for every channel and medium and achieve more efficiency and effectiveness.


    • Increased commitment
      Make the total online experience even more special, keep your target group involved and give your online growth a boost.
    • Inspirational content
      Make your products even more attractive and entice your target group with inspiring images and videos.
    • Multichannel range
      Be relevant for your target group at the right moment, whether they are in-store, mobile, in the webshop or on social media.

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