Marketo core concepts 1 training

Learn the fundamentals of Marketo

Youwe is your guide in the digital jungle, from now on you are also able to follow training and courses about our services. Learn more about Marketo now with the training Marketo core concepts 1. 


Marketo core concepts 1 training

During this 2 day training, you will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of the Marketing Automation Platform, Marketo. We will take a closer look at functionalities such as newsletter creation, email creation, dynamic content email, nurture programs, and gated content. Sign up by filling in the form below. Want to learn even more about Marketo? Take a look at our Marketo Essentials 2 training.

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Learning outcomes 

You will learn the following during the Marketo core concepts 1 training:

  • From which sources people enter your Marketo database 
  • How to set up and edit emails, to save time and improve consistency 
  • How to add an A/B test to deliver different variations of your emails and analyze the winning version 
  • How to segment your database to add personalization using dynamic content 
  • How to add Tokens to further personalize your marketing efforts 
  • Identify the different nurturing strategies so that you can target various audiences through the marketing funnel 
  • How to gate content to ensure that you capture potential leads, by using form features 
  • Identify the different landing pages and when best to use them 
  • How to create forms to add on to your company site or Marketo landing pages to capture lead information 
  • Automation rule logic to power your marketing initiatives and remove manual processes 
  • Recognize when to use the Event Program 
  • How to plan, run and report on your webinar event 
  • Basic reporting to analyze your marketing performances

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