Hubspot versus Marketo

How does Hubspot compare to Marketo

Hubspot vs Marketo

Marketo and Hubspot are two of the most mature marketing automation platforms in the market today. Check out our comparison between the most import features.

Both platforms are well capable of helping you with advanced marketing automation use cases. However looking in more detail to the two platforms you will experience there is quite some difference in the approach both vendors took architecting the platforms. 

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Conclusion of Marketo and Hubspot Comparison

Both solutions offer the core functionality to easily service the majority of marketing automation use cases.  Both solutions have clear and easy to use interfaces, and can be offered with structured onboarding to make adoption as easy as possible. Of the two solutions Marketo offers the greatest scope in terms of scalability for a larger organisation and would therefore be more suitable for a client that is looking for a more long-term, sophisticated solution. Especially operating in multiple regions with  localised marketing teams, Marketo has the best enterprise fit. However if you are a scale-up looking for a mature and easy to work with Marketing Automation platform, Hubspot is definitely a great product. It offers you CRM and Marketing automation on a mature level out of the box. It is harder to customise within Hubspot.

If you run external web platforms and are in need of more sophisticated integrations, Hubspot might be a less logical choice. Hubspot has a strategy to facilitate every aspect within their own solution. Working with 3rd party platforms Hubspot has its limitations. Marketo however will bring you all flexibility to work with any solution you might already have in your technology stack. In terms of pricing, both solutions are competitive depending on your specific configuration and marketable CRM records.

We have certified consultants for both Marketo and Hubspot, and are more than happy to provide you further insights in the key capabilities of both platforms.

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