Magento Icecat Integration

Integrating Icecat into Magento has never been easier

Icecat is a leading global product content publisher, known for data syndication and enrichments. It sets the standard for organizing comprehensive product information. By integrating Icecat with Magento, you enhance the searchability of your products for customers.


The comprehensive content catalog contains information from more than 24,000 brands, aligned with international standards and tailored to your ecommerce portfolio. Whether you operate as a B2B or B2C retailer, distributor or reseller, the combination of Icecat and Magento can significantly boost your business growth. Our experts will help you get the most out of your Magento M2 Icecat integration. With a little magic and an abundance of experience, your Magento store or PIM system will come to life.


We connect Magento APIs to Icecat and access all API data, creating your desired integration with high-quality product descriptions and images, and any necessary multilingual components.


We apply tools to add or modify your Magento Icecat integration. We manipulate the data to your desired format and customize your integration to meet your business needs.


We detect any errors or API conflicts so that the integration runs smoothly and your customers get the best possible experience on your website.


The benefits of a Magento Icecat integration

  • Can manage, display and control store content more effectively

  • Does not waste internal resources generating product descriptions or searching for product images

  • Avoids errors in product descriptions and EAN product codes

  • Saves time and improves user experience

  • Has easily searchable products in a standardized format

  • Receives regular daily updates of product descriptions and images


In short, when we help you integrate Magento and Icecat, we help your business improve the user experience, retain more customers and generate more sales.

Begin your Magento Icecat integratiw

Contact one of our Magento experts and find out how a Magento Icecat integration can benefit your business.

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