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Everything you need to know about Magento B2B

The Magento 2 B2B feature list is comprehensive, offering any B2B company everything they need to manage a successful ecommerce presence. We’re seeing more and more B2B use cases, with many companies turning to us to manage complex B2B Magento implementations. 


We’re a specialist B2B Magento platform development agency. Clients tell us that our key differentiator is our expertise in complex ERP integrations and our deep understanding of B2B challenges like B2B customer pricing, direct to customer models, API commerce and supply chain integration. With so many Magento B2B modules available to you, here are 10 B2B best practices you should consider when implementing Magento in a B2B environment.

Magento B2B Modules 

  • Optimise margins with customer pricing
    Integration between your ERP, CRM system and online store is vital to successfully segment your customers. With a pricing API for real-time ERP integration, you can be assured that every customer has their contracted price, which can also be set on a multi-tier basis for quantity discounts. Algorithmic pricing can be used to optimise margins using AI software.


  • Influence Basket Growth
    B2B Magento development allows you to create personalised shopping experiences that boost conversion rates. Dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents or wish list items. You can also promote products that similar companies buy, as well as targeting unknown site visitors based on products viewed or items in their cart.


  • Improve Customer Retention
    Automating customer communications for onboarding assures customers get to know all the important aspects of your service. With B2B Magento development you can also alert sales reps to assist once the customer is ready for further growth. 


  • Unburden Customer Service
    The more customer interactions that you can automate effectively, the more pressure you can take off your customer service department. Magento B2B modules allow you to share stock levels, delivery times and supply chain information directly with your customers. You can also streamline the ordering process, by enabling B2B customers to enter a list of SKUs without having to go into product pages. Your customers even track the status of existing orders and returns without logging in to their account.

  • Multiple Cart Support
    You can make it easy for retailers and resellers to create different carts per client to support them in their sales process. You’re also able to register order references so resellers can easily find the orders with the products for a specific customer.


You can also provide improved search performance and relevancy, identifying and offering suggestions for customer misspellings as well as supporting synonyms and suggestions.



  • Drop Shipment Opportunities
    If you have reseller clients, you can deliver directly to their end customers, alleviating the hassle of organising the logistics for them. It’s also easy to ship to multiple addresses in one order.


  • Loyalty Programs
    Reward your loyal customers with incentives based on behaviours that you’d like to encourage. Build customer loyalty through reward programs, where points can be awarded for purchases, registering for a customer account, newsletter signups and more. Redemption rules are configurable so you can set a cap on the number of reward points that can be accrued, as well as determining when reward points expire.

  • Integrate your ordering system with your B2B customers’ systems
    For an even easier experience for your B2B customers, B2B Magento development allows you to integrate your full automated ordering processes with the automation systems of your resellers customers using EDI, OCI punched out and API commerce.

  • Improve conversions with a B2C experience for B2B customers
    The Magento 2 B2B feature list allows you to offer a slick and familiar B2C experience for your customers, similar to platforms like Amazon. This ensures familiarity and an intuitive feel to the shopping experience, which encourages higher value and volume sales with a greater likelihood of repeat business.


  • Improve conversions by knowing your customers’ search histories
    Merchandising and advanced search can help you identify what filters and keywords are used by which prospective clients. This means you can assure all your search attributes are in place by using smart searching solutions. 

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