Hosting is the backbone of any online business. Performance, reliability and availability are absolutely crucial to achieving your digital success. 

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That’s why our hosting stack is fully optimised for use with Adobe Commerce, Magento, Drupal, TYPO3, Symfony, WordPress, Pimcore, and more. 

Our system architecture provides the right solution for you, based on the specifications of your application. Plus, we offer a support team for the management, maintenance and monitoring of hosting services, and they are available any time of the day or night.  

You can rest assured that our experienced Youwe engineers, with specific knowledge of your products, will provide support whenever and wherever you need it.  

We operate with a fully scalable cloud platform, which makes it easy to upscale your environments as a temporary solution, as well as permanently. Hosting is also connected to our DTAP environment and deployment software. This allows for multiple simultaneous workflows, improving turnaround and preventing blockers. 

In addition, we’ve designed granular application monitoring that checks if processes within your application are working as they should. In short, this means fewer costs for you and less chance of mistakes.  

Maintenance is largely automated, which makes it possible to execute security patches within the shortest possible timeframes. And for the prevention of data loss, it is important to utilise backup technology. That’s why we work with backups based on file-based backup techniques, which significantly shortens the restore time. 

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