Is your Google Ads Account working well for you?

So your Google Ads account is generating revenue so that’s good right? You're paying an agency retainer or perhaps running it in-house. Your website is getting plenty of clicks and orders so all is well…

We're often asked to audit an e-commerce account that, on the face of it, seems to be doing ok and the client is under that impression. However, is ok good enough in your competitive online marketplace?


What we'll cover in this white paper

E-commerce Managers and Managing Directors will usually have other things to think about so perhaps won't have the time to pour over PPC performance metrics. To that end, we wanted to outline a few simple signals to look for and one or two red flags:

  • How are you actually measuring success/failure if at all?
  • What are your real-world goals and are they realistic?
  • Are you at the right price point?
  • Are you using the technology to its full potential?
  • Are you prospecting or trading on your brand name?


This white paper is based on real-world commercial expertise gained from working in online retail for over two decades. It draws upon experience learned from building two e-commerce businesses as well as managing large-scale, seven-figure budget Google Ads campaigns for agencies in many diverse verticals.


Free whitepaper

Is your Google Ads Account Working For You, or Against You?

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