How to Leverage Product Data for AI Adoption

Join our industry experts to explore why a solid data-management foundation is essential for adopting AI and thriving in the ever-evolving IT landscape.  


As the buzz around AI continues to grow, eCommerce businesses continue to struggle with the balance between speed of adoption and ROI. Complex IT landscapes and siloed databases create a hazardous environment for AI integration, causing delays in rollout and a lack of impact from your new stack. 

In order to make the most of the AI opportunity, our research shows that a sound foundation of product data is key – if your new technology has poorly organised data to draw from, your output will quickly fall behind. In this area, managing your data the right way and choosing the right PIM system to implement is key. 

Our panel of experts will share how to optimise your existing product data to effectively pave the way for your business’ AI future. Discussion points will include: 

  • How to introduce AI and adapt your business to the rapidly transforming eCommerce landscape 
    Our experts will guide you through some of these changes and the challenges they will present to your business. 

  • The AI Masterclass
    Explore real-world success stories of businesses using AI-powered PIM to drive sales and enhance customer experiences. Learn how AI improves data quality, fosters customer loyalty, and discover strategies for sustainable business growth through the synergy of AI and PIM.

  • Mastering multi-channel commerce with PIM
    Explore how PIM can help you centralise product information and effortlessly distribute it across various channels, enhancing consistency and customer experiences. Our experts will showcase how workflow automation and AI have become an integral part of Pimcore. 

Connect with thought leaders, engage in discussions sharing insights, challenges and learnings, and take away actionable insights that will revolutionise your approach to establishing your competitive prowess in a data-driven business world. 


Henk Mensinga

Director of Product Implementation Youwe

Henk is Director of Product Implementation at Youwe and with his years of experience he helps customers with their digital transformations. He has helped many companies with the transition from offline to online and knows exactly which tools can help a company to grow.

Sebastiaan den Boer

Director of Data Science & AI Youwe

Sebastiaan den Boer is a visionary leader at the forefront of data-driven innovation. With a wealth of experience in AI, strategy and innovation, he serves as the Director of Data Science and AI at Youwe. He expertly combines strategic thinking with a pragmatic and practical approach, guiding you through the exciting intersection of headless technology and the vast opportunities of AI. Prepare to embark on a visionary exploration of how these trends are reshaping the future of businesses, and gain insights into the transformative potential of data science and AI. 

Bernd Dultinger

Head of Channels & Alliances Pimcore

Bernd, Head of Channels & Alliances, is overseeing the strategy and international expansion with Pimcore's partner ecosystem as well as the development of its Solution and Technology Partner programs. Close partnerships and qualitative coverage from consulting to implementation across Pimcore Data and User Experience solutions with more than 170 partners in 60+ countries drive success for clients worldwide.


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Arrival and Welcome Drinks

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Navigating the Evolution: Harnessing AI in the Rapidly Transforming eCommerce Landscape for Business Success

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Starters Served

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The AI Masterclass: Elevating Sales and Customer Experiences through AI-Powered PIM Strategies

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Mains Served

08:00 PM08:20 PM

PIM Mastery: Streamlining Multi-Channel Commerce with AI and Workflow Automation

08:20 PM08:40 PM

Coffee & Dessert

08:40 PM09:00 PM

Q&A and Networking

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