eCommerce Excellence: A Journey into Data-Driven Futures

In today's fast-evolving world of digital commerce, staying ahead requires an openness to embrace emerging technologies. 


Join us for an enlightening event on the future of commerce, where we'll explore the transformative power of technology, data, and AI.

At this event, we will:

  • Explore Headless Commerce: Understand how the modular architecture of headless commerce is reshaping the way businesses operate on Shopify Plus. Learn about the latest trends that allow brands to break free from traditional templates and craft unique shopping experiences.
  • Harness the Power of AI in Headless Commerce: Learn how AI integrates with Commerce to enhance the customer experience and create an efficient businessmodel. Gain actionable insights on strategies that can help your business predict, personalise, and perform like never before.
  • Leverage the Power of Composable Tech: Delve into how headless commerce facilitates faster content delivery and seamless third-party integrations. Experience how this approach enhances user experiences, enabling brands to deploy changes rapidly without disrupting the frontend.


Sebastiaan den Boer

Director of Data Science & AI Youwe

Sebastiaan den Boer is a visionary leader at the forefront of data-driven innovation. With a wealth of experience in AI, strategy and innovation, he serves as the Director of Data Science and AI at Youwe. He expertly combines strategic thinking with a pragmatic and practical approach, guiding you through the exciting intersection of headless technology and the vast opportunities of AI. Prepare to embark on a visionary exploration of how these trends are reshaping the future of businesses, and gain insights into the transformative potential of data science and AI. 

Igor Tolkachev

Senior Partner Manager Shopify

Igor Tolkachev is a Senior Partner Manager at Shopify, based in London, UK. He joined Shopify in 2021 and manages the growth of the partner program in the EMEA region to ensure the commercial success and consistent experience of eCommerce businesses of all sizes who are looking to grow on the platform. Previously Igor spent nearly 12 years at WPP working with global customers all over the world to deliver customer solutions, strategies and partnerships across retail, commerce and technology.


12:00 PM12:20 PM

Arrival at Venue & Welcome Drinks

12:20 PM12:45 PM

Introduction & followed by Shopify: 'The Future of Headless Commerce'

12:45 PM01:10 PM

Lunch & Open Discussion

01:10 PM01:30 PM

Youwe: 'The Power of Composable Tech and AI' & Closing Remarks

01:30 PM02:00 PM

Networking Coffee & Dessert

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