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Youwe created a new Magento web platform for Unipart, helping the company to optimally service its B2C clients and its partnering garages, both now and in the future.

Unipart Autoparts is a global distributor of car, van and trailer parts, specialising in production, logistics and consultancy. A division of the Unipart Group, with over 10,000 employees, and revenue of over one billion pounds, it is one of the biggest privately owned companies in its sector.

Thanks to Youwe and the many possibilities of the Magento platform, Unipart has created an online presence with a range of bespoke functionalities. Car owners can book appointments, simply by entering their registration number and postcode, and can then select a garage close to their location.

This allows Unipart to directly cater to B2C customers, while at the same time driving business towards their local service partners. Plus, garages can access all product data, appointments and invoices in just one click.

Unipart and Youwe continue to innovate, launching an app that allows car owners to manage their car or fleet maintenance, connecting directly to their garage.


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Increase in online orders

Motorists and garage owners both benefit from the new Unipart platform, offering information and convenience

Our solution

Magento platform

Youwe created a new Magento platform, opening up an entirely new online world for Unipart’s garages, with new business, a vast database, and access to relevant business information in just one click. All this was made possible thanks to the smart integration of the ERP system, SAP and Magento e-commerce platform. To keep pace with the mobile world, the website is fully responsive, so Unipart Autoparts can optimally service its B2C clients and its partnering garages, now and far into the future.

In 2018, Unipart added a mobile app integrated into its Magento platform, which enables efficient car maintenance for customers, families, and even business fleets. The unique feature is the smart integration of the product and customer data in the ERP with the Magento platform, culminating in customer-friendly search filters and an easy-to-use ordering mechanism.

The results

Before, our product database wasn’t linked with the garages management system. With the new website it is, so garage owners can easily search parts, have a look at the available stock and spread out their ordering throughout the day. 

James Billington, E-Commerce Consultant Unipart Autoparts

This new solution has substantially improved the search and shopping experience for both businesses and private customers, as well as creating an opportunity to drive business towards partner garages to install the purchased parts. This forms a unique bridge between the traditional way of doing business in the automotive industry and the need for suppliers to transform digitally.

New search functionality

Personalised and streamlined interactions are offered by sophisticated search filters, significantly reducing searching time and guaranteeing that the ordered parts are the right ones. By entering the registration number of a car, customers will not not only see the exact car type, but also all parts from Unipart's assortment that fit that particular make and model. Therefore, substantial amounts of product data are mapped and integrated into the search functionality.


  • Magento


Consultancy Implementation DevOps


Integration of different applications and systems

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