High-Speed Performance: Boost E-commerce Conversions during Sales Peaks

Did you know that the highest converting e-commerce brands have load times of under 2 seconds, and that passing Core Web Vitals (CWVs) is a key ranking factor in Google's organic search algorithm?


Fast page speeds & healthy CWVs have become a must for any merchant online in a time where competition is rife, and customers are more demanding. 


Regardless of which e-commerce platform you use, poor performance is widely experienced throughout the marketplace. This impacts shoppers every day and even more so in times of high traffic such as Black Friday or during peak season which need to be maximised to meet commercial targets. 


Fortunately, much of the advice and tactics used to improve this can be adopted on any platform. You can compress images, optimize scripts and styles, mitigate the impact of third-party code, ensure the right platform architecture, and use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to drive performance online. There are many things to consider and any one of these factors could cause your store to fall behind your competitors and cost you revenue. 

Join us for our latest exclusive online roundtable where our experts will cover: 

  • Why Core Web Vitals are important for your e-commerce stores commercial performance (including organic rankings and conversion rate optimisation) 

  • Actionable insights into how your development team can optimise your site most effectively across both mobile and desktop 

  • Common pitfalls and some of the ways you can address these problems 

  • What metrics and scores you should be aiming for and the strategies to maximise your efforts and avoid diminishing returns 

  • How modern tech approaches such as Headless or Hyvä front-ends can help (but aren't a silver bullet!) 

Our experts will also be sharing details of how driving a focus on Core Web Vitals has helped other e-commerce businesses, with real world examples and actionable insights from a range of industries globally. 


Is your website fully optimized for conversions during peak demand? Do you feel like your website is underperforming running slow? Sign up to our online roundtable and learn how to maximise conversions, reduce bounce rate and drive more traffic to your site through optimising for a high-performance experience that customers will love!  


The roundtable will take place online on the 25th of January 2024 from 2 PM till 4 PM CET (1 PM till 3 PM GMT). 


Martin Macmillan

Senior Digital Consultant Youwe

Martin Macmillan is a Senior Digital Consultant at Youwe, an Adobe Certified Expert and Professional Scrum Product Owner, with a decade of experience helping merchants achieve their goals in eCommerce and digital transformation. He specializes in being the conduit between technical and non-technical stakeholders, understanding business requirements that drive commercial and operational success, and translating them into real-world solutions.


02:00 PM02:20 PM

Welcome & Introduction

02:20 PM02:40 PM

Metrics That Matter: Vital Strategies for E-Commerce Success

02:40 PM03:00 PM

Discussion session

03:00 PM03:20 PM

Web Vitals in the Real World: Practical Solutions for Driving Revenue

03:20 PM03:40 PM

Discussion session

03:40 PM04:00 PM

Q&A and Closing Remarks

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