E-commerce platform for B2C

Find a suitable e-commerce platform for your e-commerce ambitions

Selling directly to consumers is a great challenge as a retailer. Large ambitions, a large target group, and many opportunities. This naturally includes a suitable e-commerce platform that supports that ambition. Youwe is happy to help you find an e-commerce platform for B2C that suits your needs.


With the ambition to expand abroad, there are many possibilities, but there is also a lot of competition. Put your webshop(s) in new markets by offering multiple languages. Increase your brand awareness and strengthen your brand internationally.


A seamless connection between your brick-and-mortar locations and your online customer experience? With omnichannel retailing you can use different channels to serve your customers 24/7 - and your webshop is an important part of that. With omnichannel you strengthen your brand and improve the customer experience.

The ambition to grow

Your organization continues to grow and that includes an online shop that supports your ambitions to grow. Here too you have many options, from basic to complex customization.


An optimized webshop is important. A well-functioning webshop has a better User Experience for your customers, and also ensures a higher conversion. There are countless ways to optimize your e-commerce platform for B2C.


Integrate your systems with your webshop so that your data is always up-to-date. Youwe has experience in integrating ERP, WMS, PIM, and many other systems, and we are happy to help you. To support complex integrations, we are the implementation partner of Alumio, the data integration platform.

Wholesale / B2B / Manufactures 

Does your organization's ambitions go beyond selling in the B2C market? There are several options for selling business-to-business through your webshop. From digital requests by customers to fixed discounts for business customers, we are happy to discuss the extensive possibilities.

Your technology up-to-date

Is it time to invest in a (new) up-to-date platform? Our experience with replatforming and migrations has given us many insights into the possibilities, challenges and best practices. Let one of our experts advise you.

Magento the e-commerce platform

Magento is the market leader in e-commerce software. Magento e-commerce is an open-source multishop platform. Worldwide, 1 in 4 online shops have been developed on the platform. The robust application framework, excellent integration options and the rich set of marketing tools make Magento the tool for e-commerce managers. Youwe, Magento Certified Enterprise partner, is a Magento specialist, both for B2B and B2C.

Want to know more about Magento? 

Magento is quick to implement, has many extensions, powerful integrations, many web marketing options and a strong community. Want to know more about Magento? Then download the whitepaper about the platform by filling in the form.

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