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Marketo integrated with Salesforce for better marketing and sales alignment


From strategy to implementation.


A brand-new Marketo MAP integrated with Salesforce for better marketing and sales alignment

GDS Group is a global events, research, and technology services company. It helps clients in disruptive business environments to meet their challenges through a combination of B2B summits and events, technology services, and intelligence solutions.

GDS needed to generate more leads for sales, as well as automate processes between marketing and sales to deliver efficiency. Its wish was to align marketing efforts with sales, which used Salesforce. GDS also had challenges with data. Acquiring significant numbers of records from different data suppliers meant that duplications were escalating and data was becoming unmanageable. It needed to introduce better governance around data, including cleansing processes.

The GDS approach to marketing was quite reactive, and there was a desire to deliver an improved, more engaging customer experience through the funnel, from initial inquiry through to registration and attendance at an event.

GDS Group approached Youwe to support its migration to a more sophisticated marketing automation platform and help achieve operational goals.

Through investment in Marketo and with support from Youwe, GDS Group has been able to improve the interface between marketing and sales and optimise marketing and sales alignment.

Our solution

Youwe is not the first Marketing Automation agency I have worked with, but they are the best! Their technical knowledge is unrivalled and their willingness to adapt to business needs is appreciated.

GDS Marketing Automation Manager,


Youwe recommended Marketo to GDS as its new marketing automation platform. To get GDS started, Youwe implemented Marketo for them and integrated it into Salesforce. We also trained the marketing team on Marketo and developed a series of email and landing page templates. This ensured that the internal team was well set to run campaigns and move away from its old platform.

From strategy to implementation 

Youwe also worked with GDS to develop a Marketo rollout strategy, ensuring there was an actionable plan for some of their channels, but also for their longer-term goals and objectives. This approach facilitated internal alignment and ensured everyone got the most from the investment in their new marketing technology.

Following on from the development of the strategy, Youwe then managed the rollout and implemented some of the roadmap items to help GDS grow even further.

The results

Through its investment in Marketo and with our support, GDS Group has been able to optimise the process between marketing and sales, and improve marketing and sales alignment.

GDS Group now takes a much more sophisticated approach to lead nurturing. Youwe supported in mapping out nurtures for different target audiences and then building the relevant programs within Marketo. Now, not only is the sales team engaging with customers at a more appropriate time, but the overall customer experience has also improved, as they have had exposure to more relevant, interesting content before that initial discussion with sales.

GDS Group has been able to maintain a more manageable data set thanks to data cleanse programs that have been set up by Youwe. Youwe also developed a preference centre, so GDS Group follows the GDPR regulations.

Our work with GDS Group has delivered a more streamlined, automated process through the funnel, and a significant increase in the number of marketing-influenced deals. Not only are their marketing activities more successful, but GDS Group has the framework and reporting mechanisms in place to report on that success and really demonstrate the impact of marketing on the bottom line.


From strategy to implementation.


A brand-new Marketo MAP integrated with Salesforce for better marketing and sales alignment

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