Boost Your Marketing Strategy: Unveiling the Power of Adobe Dynamic Chat in the Digital Era

A blog by Michael Ham, Marketing Technology Consultant at Youwe

With so much access to digital communications, businesses need to find new and innovative ways to connect with customers and prospects alike. With the ability to offer instant support, personalised experiences, and drive more sales, Adobe Dynamic Chat has become a must-have digital channel for any marketer looking to improve customer engagement and grow their business.

Michael Ham, Marketing Technology Consultant at Youwe has put together this handy document to tell you all you need to know!

Read on to explore the key benefits of using Adobe Dynamic Chat, and how it can generate more sales and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Personalised Experience 

All websites have drop off points where visitors can easily lose interest and bounce from your site. This doesn’t help marketers capitalise on their website traffic. For example, after locating the correct content and forms it could be several hours or days before visitors hear from a sales representative and may take longer to co-ordinate an actual meeting or demo.

Adobe Dynamic Chat allows instant support for your customers to navigate your website and products efficiently. Help build strong relationships by increasing customer satisfaction through a workflow of personalised responses and recommendations to better their needs.

Revitalised Databases 

Need to find out what product your customer is interested in? Or how large their business or budget is?

Similar to forms, Adobe Dynamic Chat natively integrates with Marketo, allowing you to map custom fields related to your database and CRM.

Capture important demographics for your marketing segments to increase your targeted campaigns and improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Automate & Increase Meetings & Demo's 

Connect your sales representatives Outlook and Google calendars to Adobe Dynamic Chat. Following a pre-defined journey of questions and responses set by you, Dynamic Chat can display available dates and times of your sales team to schedule meetings.

Once scheduled, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet calendar appointments are automatically sent straight to your customers and sales inbox and calendar.

All appointments booked through Dynamic chat can be routed in a traditional way via a round robin approach or by using a custom rule. For example, assigning meetings and demos to sales representatives sequentially, or choosing specific team members based on a set criterion of attributes such as location or product.

Advanced Analytics 

Adobe Dynamic Chat provides advanced analytics tools that can help businesses track customer behaviour and identify trends. This information can be used to optimise marketing campaigns and improve the overall customer experience.

Additionally, as a native integration to Marketo, Dynamic Chat triggers and filters can be accessed within smart lists and flows opening a cross-channel marketing strategy. For example, after engaging with Dynamic Chat to schedule a demo or appointment, prospects can be scored and or added to Engagement Program nurtures or lists. It’s also possible to view the activity within an Activity Log of a person record in Marketo.

Thinking of implementing Adobe Dynamic Chat for your workplace? 

The set-up process for Adobe Dynamic Chat is straightforward and can be configured onto your website and landing pages in a short amount of time.

We're happy to share more information on set up, strategising and optimising your chat workflows, ensuring it meets specific needs and provides the best possible experience.

Let's talk about what Adobe Marketo Engage can do for your business. Contact us today, and start your digital transformation.

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