Top 5 Pimcore features to distribute data

Distributing data is taking on increasingly larger forms. And the need to share data through more and more ways, formats and more specific moments is only increasing.

Customers want to use data and rich data pools ask for it. Data is needed for internal systems, applications, for social media and price comparison and advertising portals. Data also returns in documents and physical catalogs. The good news is: data is there. The bad: the data is often fragmented across a variety of sources. How do you bring more uniformity and efficiency in data distribution? The following features can help with this.

    Via Pimcore's web services (API)

    All features are controlled via the central Pimcore API, which can also be opened with "permitted information" for a customer or external user. That way, the customer can call and use the opened data via the web services (API). In this way, the customer always has "real-time" data.

      Web portal for assets

      The MDM-PIM tool releases a set of data via a web portal: an image bank, a download portal or a brand and partner portal. Via that portal, customers, suppliers, local sales offices and channel partners have 24/7 access to all product, brand and other digital information. This way, customers and others with access to the portal can easily access the data.


      • Pimcore automatically provides a portal where users can view, edit or download the assets in a user-friendly way

      • An enterprise DAM system within the same platform

      • No, IT silos or the need to extract assets from other systems because they are on the same platform.

      Crossmedia Publishing & Web-to-Print

      Pimcore offers extensive support for cross-media publishing and web printing capabilities. Paper catalogs can be assembled automatically from the central data set. Pimcore supports the automatic generation of print-ready documents or catalogs to certified PDFs from within the Pimcore management environment. Do you still want to continue organizing the management of magazines and printed matter from InDesign? Then Pimcore can optimally collaborate with EasyCatalog of 65bit software.


      • Create catalogs quickly and without much labor

      • Create personal PDFs with all possible (personal) content from Pimcore

      • One source of data, one single point of truth

      Via headless front-end development

      The front - webshop, catalog, website, knowledge portal or other online media - can be developed via front-end development. With the building components from Pimcore, the front-end developers can develop the online presence in any language. Youwe usually chooses VueJS or ReactJS as the front-end language. The advantage of these languages ​​is that the technology can be measured and can be generated via a native app, without having to write code again.


      • Unique presentation with data that matches one to one with the customer journey

      • Both website and e-commerce with the same system!

      • No IT silos: all data is in one platform
      • Automatically generate native app by using ReactJS / VueJS
      • front-end techniques
      • Creating websites, webshops, online presence and apps with one platform.

      Via Pimcore’s output channels

      Pimcore has so-called "output channels". You can configure this: per customer (segment), but you can also set which type of file with which data customers can receive via which channel at what time. Via an MDM-PIM tool, you generate a package of data with not only a CSV, XML or XLS file but with accompanying visuals. The customer can then download it via a link that he receives via e-mail at a time set per customer.


      • Easily distribute data to customers, portals, data pools, and other systems.

      • Automatically send data in the manner and format desired by the customer/system.

      Are you curious about Pimcore's features and how this benefits your business?

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